The students were excited to have this new piece of technology available in my classroom and it proved to be very motivating. It is versatile, compact and durable, allowing students to video different backgrounds and landscapes as they learned new skills. They used the cameras for interviewing and were able to follow directions successfully with increased confidence and skill. The size and portability of these cameras was a vast improvement over other video cameras with good quality results. There was a significant interest in film making skills because of these new cameras. Thank You for enriching our technology classroom!

Wylie Teacher April Brannon

  • Wylie Teacher April Brannon

I used the document camera daily in my classroom. It displayed seamlessly onto the Promethean Board, and was used to enlarge working models so that the students could easily see what was expected. I also used it during several science lessons, to help the kids see “up close and personal” the tiny details of leaves, caterpillars, butterflies, plant parts, etc. Pictured below, you can see how I used the camera to show what the chrysalis looked like after our butterflies had already hatched. One morning, during dental health week, I even turned the camera onto myself to show the students the proper way to brush my teeth. They got a big kick out of that, and learned the skill effortlessly!

  • Wylie Teacher Kendall Harrison

We use these desk atlases on a weekly basis and the students locate items using political, physical, and many other types of maps to enrich to student’s knowledge. These atlases encourage independent learning and hopefully a curiosity about our ever changing world.

By using the atlases in World Geography, I believe we are helping students have a broader understanding of cultures, governments, climates, and how countries relate to one another. This knowledge will help them when relating to current events in the world and may even help them later in life when choosing a career.

  • Wylie Teacher Kina Tieman

Having the Elmo TT-02RX Document Camera has allowed students the opportunity to see clearly, up close and personal, whatever it is that I am demonstrating. The best example I can describe is the
improvement this year in the students’ self-portrait drawing. Amazingly, students were able
to stay in their seat and see every tiny detail of my drawing demonstrations. The students
spent a day learning each individual feature and they clearly understood. I was able to zoom
in and out, showing up-close every detail and technique of drawing and shading an eye, for
example, and the subtle shadows of the face. Thinking back to the way I used to
demonstrate, students needed less one-on-one help because the demonstrations were so
large and clear.

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