(2011) Life with the Elmo TT-O2RX Document Camera – Kina Tiemann

I must say the Elmo TT-02RX Document Camera has made demonstrations much more

efficient. My objectives in asking for this document camera were for the students to have
better viewing capabilities of all types of art technique demonstrations, to better understand
the proper use of various media, and for increased time available to guide students and offer
one-on one help.

Having the Elmo camera has allowed students the opportunity to see clearly, up close
and personal, whatever it is that I am demonstrating. The best example I can describe is the
improvement this year in the students’ self-portrait drawing. Amazingly, students were able
to stay in their seat and see every tiny detail of my drawing demonstrations. The students
spent a day learning each individual feature and they clearly understood. I was able to zoom
in and out, showing up-close every detail and technique of drawing and shading an eye, for
example, and the subtle shadows of the face. Thinking back to the way I used to
demonstrate, students needed less one-on-one help because the demonstrations were so
large and clear. Partnered with my knowledge and expertise, the students clearly understood
on their own. Step by step, day by day, the students’ drew and shaded their own portraits
and probably 85 to 9oo/o ol them were successful. The display I hung in the hallway was
bigger this year than any other. The same rings true for many.other projects.

At any given time, the document camera made it possible for me to show the
student’s something “cool” on the fly. lf I came across a great article or wanted to show a
picture of an artist’s work, I could simply pop it underneath the camera and show it larger
than life.

There are many features I have not figured out yet, such as recording, but I plan on
utilizing all features in the future.

If it was financially possible, I believe all art teachers in our district should have and
ELMO Document Camera. ln fact, any teacher that needs to provide real-time
dernonstrations would benefit greatly from this device.

I have enclosed some comments from some of my Art 2 students about what it has
been like watching demonstrations on the ELMO as opposed to last year without it.
Thank you for granting my request for the ELMO TT-02RX Document Camera. lt has
been a blessing in my classroom!


Kina Tieman

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