High Interest Grade Level Books For Lower Reading Levels – Sherry Brown

          The Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation awarded my classroom a grant to get AR reading books for 5th and 6th graders with lower reading levels.  Students who have difficulty reading look at grade level library books as something to avoid.  They also do not want to read the “baby” books that are within their reading level.  My goal was to find high interest, lower reading level books for older students.  Mrs. Wallette, our librarian, was able to set me up with her book representative who made a list of books that fit my needs.   We ended up with 43 books that fit the needs of my students.

          It was like Christmas around the classroom when the books arrived.  I designated the books to a special shelf and the students had to check out the books to read in the classroom.  They were very excited about having new books and it has been a successful addition to the classroom.  Most students have achieved or surpassed their goals for AR points each six weeks because of books that caught and kept their interest.  I hope to instill a love of reading in struggling readers.

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