2015 Teacher Grant Recipients

1. Junior High School Campus – 7th and 8th Grade $894.30
Recipients: Alison South
The money from this grant will be used to purchase a research based reading and vocabulary program for the 7th and 8th grade struggling readers.  This program will help increase the confidence of these students and bring them up to grade level in reading.  This program will be used daily in the classroom and will impact all struggling students in the 7th and 8th grade.  This program will be added to another Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation grant that Mrs. South received 2 years ago.  She believes in the program and has watched it close gaps with struggling readers, build confidence and build their love for reading.alisonsouth

2. Middle School Campus – 7th Grade $2,961.24
Recipient: Lynlee Ueckert as a team with Robin Hart and Brandon Little
This grant will provide the funds for 360 reusable rockets, 60 engines, 3 launch controllers and 3 launch pads.  This will provide an opportunity to learn about space with a hands-on, inquiry based activity that will involve building and launching a rocket.  Students will get to actively see how a rocket is built and the technology that makes it work.  They will understand how the rocket’s engine gives it the needed thrust and force to overcome gravity to launch.  Rocketry will give the students a unique way to become active participants in the discovery process of science.RocketProject2

3. High School Campus $3095
Recipient: Paul Munshower as a team with Cherie Speer, Mark James and Alice Hall
This grant will purchase a 3D printer, PLA filament to print products and a MakerClub membership which provides a 10% discount and free shipping on all filament purchases.  To meet the needs of 21st century learners, technology must be blended in the classroom to support inquiry based learning.  3D printing is a new technology that will be at the forefront of industry when our students are adults.  By allowing them to be introduced to this technology, they will develop skills necessary for the workforce of the future.  They will be able to master science concepts aligned with state standards using a project based learning assessment model.  Students can print lab equipment to learn science through modeling and design creative learning spaces.  They will print projects to apply scientific concepts to real world projects like roller coasters, cars, machines, etc.  The only limitation will be their imagination. 

4. Junior High Campus – 8th Grade Field Trip $2250
Recipient: Abbey Wartes as a team with 7 other 8th grade language arts and science teachers.
This grant asked for money to help offset some of the district’s expense to take the 8th grade to Dallas to visit the Holocaust Museum and the Ross Perot Science Museum.  The students study the book, Night, which depicts a Holocaust experience and the museum helps them to fully understand what happened during that time in history.  The Science Museum enhances what they have learned in class to enhance STAAR test grades.  In the past, the students have paid for one meal and the museum’s admission price.  The transportation and sponsor costs were paid for by the district.  By granting $2250 to this year’s trip, the Foundation will pay the admission fees for all 250 students to both museums.

5. High School Campus – Grades 10-12 $949.56
Recipient: Stacy Sanchez as a team with Alexis Hughes
This grant will purchase a 48”x96” bulletin board cabinet which will be used to display art that meets higher level thinking skills in creativity, method and technique.  Students are encouraged to reach their potential and demonstrate this through various art projects.  There are now 3 art teachers with 12 periods of art and 235 students.  The current display cases can only hold art for about 16-20 students at a time.  Students gain a sense of pride and work VERY hard to get a chance to have their art displayed for all to see.  This third display case will provide more space for students to display their work which only adds to the quality of work coming out of the classes.
Alexis Hughes and Stacy Sanchez, art teachers

6. Elementary Campus – 2nd Grade $2265.92
Recipient: Megan Oliver as a team with every 2nd grade teacher
This grant will be used to purchase 2 live oaks, 6 afghan pines, 30 herb plants, 60 vegetable plants, 6 crepe myrtles, 2 soft leaf yuccas, 150 garden hand tools and 2 picnic tables.  Ray Ann Gloyna, a wonderful teacher at WISD, was killed in a car wreck in 2007.  In 2008, a garden was constructed in her memory at the Wylie Elementary campus.  “Mrs. Gloyna’s Garden” was to be used as a Science project for 2nd graders, as well as a place of reflection by teachers, students and the Wylie community.  The garden has been neglected for several years and this grant will help to bring it back to life.  The educational value of this outdoor experience will be invaluable.  The opportunity to involve students in an activity that doesn’t involve a video screen will be unfamiliar to many 2nd graders.  The garden will be managed with an advisory partnership with Master Gardners of Abilene.megan

7. Middle School Campus – 5th Grade $3130.08
Recipient: Betty Bilbrey as a team with Holli Barbee, Kristy Bearden, and Allyson Solymosy
This grant will fund the purchase of 6 sets of new class novels, replacement copies of old class novels and 6 storage containers.  This will excite the students with contemporary new stories with which they will make better connections.  The current class novels are in pitiful condition and are out of touch with the modern lifestyle about which the students want to read.  The goal is to provide fresh reading material, improve reading skills, vocabulary and word use, and overall academic skills.  This will open the student’s minds to the possibilities of reading materials that are perhaps unfamiliar, challenging and fun all at the same time.Betsy Bilbry and Allyson Solymosy 5th grade 2015 Teacher Grant

8. Elementary School Campus – 1st and 2nd Grade $399
Recipient: Susan Langford
This grant will purchase software for creating print-based visuals (Boardmaker Plus! V.6).  Students with visual and auditory processing deficits will benefit from customized visual interventions designed to make sense of information taken in through their eyes.  Students will steadily improve focus, clarity, processing speed and attention span through the use of images which will in turn help the students to quickly recognize and interpret the information  presented to them.  Teaching the brain to easily absorb and process information with the support of visuals will help each student become more organized and efficient.  Building quicker recall and scholastic confidence along with the expansion of auditory and visual memory will benefit all students.

9. Junior High & Middle School Campus $716
Recipient: Luke Hurst
This grant will purchase the registration for the conference, 2 nights in a hotel and meals for 3 days.  Mr. Hurst is an Instructional Technology Specialist where he spends a couple of periods each day working with teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum.  This spring, the school received 25 iPads to help with this technology integration.  He has found that teachers are more willing to use the technology if they can get individualized or small group instruction.  The iPadpalooza training will make him better equipped to serve the teachers of our district and train them to use technology effectively in their classrooms.  The conference will allow Mr. Hurst to spend three days collaborating with other Instructional Technology Specialists.  He will be a listening to a number of speakers that are certain to inspire him to make more technology integration possible.  He plans to share the information he receives with all grade levels in the district.

10. Junior High & High School Campus $1000
Recipient: Gabriela Bundy
This grant will allow Mrs. Bundy to attend the National Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling Conference in Reston, VA.  After the conference, she will provide training to her department colleagues.  Attending this conference will allow her to progress to the next skill level, from beginner to elementary.  While at the conference, she will work with experts and practice those skills as well as attend several sessions a day on a variety of topics related to teaching a foreign language and using the TPRS method.  In addition, she will be able to collaborate and network with other TPRS teachers from across the globe.  More importantly, she will put into action the skills and knowledge gained as she teaches her students using the TPRS method.  The ultimate goal is to help all Spanish students succeed in acquiring the Spanish language, as well as gain an appreciation and interest for other cultures.bundy

11. High School Campus – 9th-12th Grade $1000
Recipient: Andrew Hope
This grant will be used to fund the purchase of Lego Mindstorms robotics kits for use in the robotics class at Wylie High School.  Students will use the kits to collaborate and develop designs for projects that promote critical thinking and utilize STEM curriculum.  By using the kits on a daily basis, students will gain skills and experience that will help them succeed in various robotics competitions throughout the year.  The robotics kits will help diversify the instruction in the classroom leading to enhanced student engagement.

12. Elementary School Campus  – 2nd Grade $219.78
Recipients: Jennifer Rapstine
This grant requested money to replace the addition math wrap-ups which students use as a great hands-on tool to learn their basic facts.  Currently two classes share the wrap-ups and this will allow both classes to have their own set.  This grant will pay for 22 addition wrap-ups.  Wrap-ups are a fun and unique way to help students memorize their math facts.  Students wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right.  They then turn the Wrap-up over to see if they got it right.  They utilize many learning senses and are fun enough that they are willing to use them over and over until they master their facts.  The students love to practice with them and it improves their speed and accuracy of their facts.

13. High School Campus $985.15
Recipient: Leah Wilson

This grant will purchase 35 hoops to be used by both the Varsity and Junior Belles in their performances.  These will create a gorgeous half-time performance for the field and the court.  Properly maintained, the hoops will last for years.  The drill team, each year, gives young girls the chance to be a part of a team.  A tryout is held weekly for each performance.  Some girls, being less skilled than others, may not be able to perform a highly skilled routine.  By having a hoop prop routine, this opens the door for all those less skilled to have the opportunity to dance on the field for a football and basketball half-time performance thus generating a stronger confidence in each of these young women.

Leah Wilson 2015 Teacher Grant


5 @ High School, 3 @ Junior High, 2 @ Middle School, 3 @ Elementary

4 Science, 1- Math, 1-Art, 1-Spanish, 2-Reading, 1-Special Ed, 1- Technology, 1-Field Trip, 1-Belles

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