2013 Teacher Grant Recipients

1. Early Childhood Campus – Kindergarten $4,179.24
Recipients: Jessica  McCaughey , Elise Rocco, Lori Stafford, Trady Holmes & Lisa Salmon
This grant impacts 309 students in Kindergarten. This grant requested money for 4 teachers and one administrator (Lisa Salmon, Principal) to attend a teaching conference centered strictly around Kindergarten.  They will learn new teaching techniques and information from nationally renowned educators (Deana Jump).  These teachers will educate their colleagues who were not able to attend so they can use the knowledge gained in their classrooms.  The objective is to increase the scores of the MAT test to 75% in the average category, especially in the areas of Math and Language.  Also, an objective is to increase students mastery from a 1 to a 2 on the six weeks report card testing for those who are struggling or learning disabled.Teacher Grants 2013 TeachK!Teacher Grants 2013 KinderTeachers'NationalConference

2. Elementary Campus – 1st Grade $510.00
Recipient: Sandy Low
This grant impacts  21 students in the 1st grade. This grant requested a Document Camera to be used to enhance the Promothean Board in her classroom.  The camera will enhance learning, be a hands-on tool and project student works so that all of the students can see.  It will also save time and paper.  For instance, in science, if they are studying insects, a grasshopper can be projected on the screen so that all of the body parts can be seen.  In Reading, a single book’s words and pictures can be seen by the whole class at once.  The camera can be use in all subjects in this way.T Grants 2013 afewboardmembersgetreadytosurpriseteachers

3. Elementary Campus – Special Education $942.10
Recipient: Susan Langford
This grant asked for a sizeable offering of books (225) corresponding to beginner reader books required by the first and second grade Reading Counts and Accelerated Reading curriculum.  The media center will be accessible to all level readers fostering student confidence and natural language as they become comfortable with familiar, repetitive texts.  The program will be targeted, though, to below-grade level readers, English as a Second Language learners, bilingual students and special needs children who are struggling with vocabulary and comprehension.  The objective is to accelerate instructional gains in the classroom and improve independent reading accountability.Teacher Grants 2013 SusanLangford,Elem,225Books

4. Intermediate School Campus – 4th Grade $849.98
Recipient: Dakota Sandifer
This grant impacts 75 students in the 4th grade. This grant requested 2 iPads to add differentiated instruction into the math classroom.  Different teaching methods that will be used include reinforcement for students needing extra help, early finishers needing extra activities and classroom station work.  Individual student’s STAAR reporting categories will be used as information to address each student based on his/her needs.  Social skills will be developed when students work collaboratively and share the device.Teacher Grants 2013 DakotaSandifer,Inter,Ipads

5. Intermediate School Campus – Grades K, 1, 3, 5 & 7 $1,000
Recipient: Michelle March
This grant impacts 1500 students in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade. This grant asked for money to offset the cost of a new vision screener.  The new machine will increase accuracy in detecting possible vision and hearing issues which impact student learning.  It will also speed up the current screening process.  The total cost of The Spot Vision Screener is $7765.  A grant for $5000 was accepted and has been received from the Dodge Jones Foundation.  WISD has committed to fund the additional money if this grant was approved. 

Teacher Grants 2013 MichelleMarch,schoolnurse,VisionScreeningMachine GrantsTeacher Grants 2013 KristiPrice,schoolnurse,VisionScreeningMachine

6. Junior High School Campus – 6th Grade $993.30
Recipient: Allison South
This grant impacts 90 students in the 6th grade. This grant asked for funding to purchase the Read Naturally program which helps build below average readers’ confidence by improving their fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.   The program comes with a benchmark that can be completed at the beginning, middle and end of each year.   The material will be used every year.TGrant 2013 AlisonSouth,JH,ReadNaturally(2)

7. Junior High School Campus – 7th Grade $940
Recipient: Ann Hurst
This grant impacts 90 students in the 7th grade. This grant will be used to purchase 2 Ipad minis, 2 otterboxes, 2 sets of headphones and a digital photo frame.  The technology will be used to improve student motivation and performance in units pertaining to poetry, reading comprehension, essay writing and research.  IPad stations will be set up in the classroom where study units can be taught using this technology element.  Writing skills will be improved and reading will become more interactive and engaging.T Grants 2013 AnnHurst,JH,Ipadminis

8. Junior High School Campus – 7th & 8th Grade – Computer Skills $870.60
Recipient: Carla Hooper
This grant impact 160 students in the 7th and 8th grade. This grant asked for a document camera and tablet to be used to improve the instruction of keyboarding.  The camera will allow students to see the instructor’s keyboard finger placement on the big projector screen.  The tablet will be a functional platform to create interactive whiteboard experiences as the Promethean Board is not available in this classroom.  The camera and tablet can be sustained after the grant is completed.Teacher Grants 2013 CarlaHooper,JH,documentcamera&tablet

9. Junior High School Campus – 8th Grade Field Trip $1,000
Recipient: Caren Christian
This grant impacts 250 students in the 8th grade. This grant asked for money to help offset some of the district’s expense to take the 8th grade to Dallas to visit the Holocaust Museum and the Ross Perot Science Museum.  The students study the book, Night, which depicts a Holocaust experience and the museum helps them to fully understand what happened during that time in history.  The Science Museum enhances what they have learned in class to enhance STAAR test grades.  The students pay for one meal and the museum’s admission price.  The transportation and sponsor costs are paid for by the district.Teacher Grants 2013 CarenChristian,JH,Dallasmuseumtours

10. Junior High School Campus – 8th Grade $897
Recipient: Luke Hurst
This grant impacts 130 students in the 8th grade. This grant requested money for 2 Ipads and an Apple TV.  The project will allow students to use technology to help unlock history by making the classroom more interactive and engaging.  The students will be able to review for tests, research topics and make improved presentations using the technology.17 Collage Photo - Sue and group

11. Junior High School Campus $998.75
Recipient: Shana Shuler
This grant impacts 100 students. This grant will be used in social studies to help students grasp how the world is connected using a hands-on global perspective which is really needed for mastery in the area of geography.  This will produce higher test scores on geography map tests, increased motivation, better understanding and comprehension.  Ms. Shuler had personally purchased a few globes for her classroom this year and this money will allow her to purchase 25 more for her classroom.unnamed

12. High School Campus – Art Students $1,076.34
Recipients: Alexis Hughes & Stacy Horton
This grant impacts 250 students. This grant requested a display case for student art projects.  Students receive great joy and confidence when others (especially their peers) can see their artwork.  Students will try even harder on their artwork knowing it will be displayed in the hallway.  The objective is to encourage and inspire students to try creative techniques.  Also, the display will be used to inform freshmen (who are unable to take art because there isn’t enough room) on what the art class consists of when they are deciding on electives.T Grants 2013 AlexisHughes&StaceyHorton,HS,StudentArtdispayarea

13. High School Campus $1,000
Recipient: Brenda Sandifer
This grant impacts 50 students. This grant will be used to start a PSAT preparation program at Wylie.  The project will increase the preparedness of the students taking the PSAT, increase Wylie’s PSAT/SAT scores and hopefully increase the number of students qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship Program.  The money will specifically be used to defray the course cost for the students.16 Collage Photo - Sue, Brenda & Denise

2@ High School, 6 @ Jr. High School, 1 @ Intermediate, 2@ Elementary, 1 @ ECC, 1 Affects All Schools

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