(2012) Bringing Technology to Life – April Brannan

Thanks to the generous grant from the Wylie Education Foundation, we were able to purchase a document camera. We had initially intended this to be a shared piece of technology, but we weren’t able to get the needed software on more than one computer, so it ended up “living” in my classroom for the entire year. If we were to continue this grant, I would suggest requesting a cheaper camera, so we could have the funds to purchase more anDocument Camera Example Photod more teachers and students could benefit.

I used the document camera daily in my classroom. It displayed seamlessly onto the Promethean Board, and was used to enlarge working models so that the students could easily see what was expected. I also used it during several science lessons, to help the kids see “up close and personal” the tiny details of leaves, caterpillars, butterflies, plant parts, etc. Pictured below, you can see how I used the camera to show what the chrysalis looked like after our butterflies had already hatched. One morning, dKids Watching Screen from Document Camera Photouring dental health week, I even turned the camera onto myself to show the students the proper way to brush my teeth. They got a big kick out of that, and learned the skill effortlessly!

I look forward to continuing to use the document camera in my classroom. I am sure that we have barely scratched the surface of what it can do for our students. I would like to thank the foundation for awarding us this grant – it has truly been a blessing to teachers and students alike. Thank you so much!

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