(2012) World Geography Desk Atlases – Kendall Harrison, Teela Locker, and Nole Hadaway

Everyone knows that the world changes. We wanted to show our students just how much the world changes in ten years. Up until last year, the World Geography teachers were using desk atlases that dated back to 2003. This was definitely outdated information to provide to our students. In World Geography, it is important for students to know where countries, cities, and physical features are located. This was hard to do with outdated material, until the Wylie Education Foundation Grant provided us with the opportunity to bring current information about the ever changing world to our students.

We use these desk atlases on a weekly basis and the students locate items using political, physical, and many other types of maps to enrich to student’s knowledge. These atlases encourage independent learning and hopefully a curiosity about our ever changing world.

By using the atlases in World Geography, I believe we are helping students have a broader understanding of cultures, governments, climates, and how countries relate to one another. This knowledge will help them when relating to current events in the world and may even help them later in life when choosing a career.

We cannot thank the Wylie Education Foundation enough for funding and supporting materials for our high school students. Public education is always under fire and it a breath of fresh air when an organization like the Wylie Education Foundation helps to fill the holes. Thanks again from the World Geography department and our students!

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