2017 Teacher Grant Recipients

1. High School Campus – Grades 9-12
Recipients: Kerry Hibbitts
The money from this grant will be used to purchase 8 manikins for the Health department.  The TEA states that CPR training in now a requirement to graduate from Texas high schools.  These manikins have visual indicators that provide feedback on compression rate and depth of compression.  The money will ensure that the students are getting the best equipment possible to help ensure their success in CPR/AED training.  This will put them in a better position to possibly save a life by reversing sudden death due to heart attack and cardiac arrest.  They should last 8-10 years.

2. Junior High Campus – 7th Grade $1017.85
Recipient: Kristian Spencer (Rains)

This grant will be an outreach-based project that will connect 7th Grade Science TEKS to real-world application.  The vision is to grow basic plants and herbs through a JuicePlus Tower Garden in the classroom that can be used to give back to the Wylie community.  Students will get the opportunity to learn skills related to job obtainment as they apply for various positions.  As some students are focusing on the science behind plant growth, others will be responsible for creating a pln to use the products to serve the community.  The grant will both purchase the Tower Garden and the supplies needed to grow the plants and herbs.

3. Elementary School Campus – 2nd Grade $327.56
Recipient: Jennifer Rapstine
This grant will allow the purchase 4 kits of magnets.  Experimenting with magnets helps to foster cooperative learning as students explore the benefits and characteristics of magnets.  The Texas science TEKS require second grade students to use magnets as well as observe and identify how magnets are used in everyday life.   The best part of the magnet kits is that they are fun and children are playing while learning.,  This promotes life-long learners, increases retention of objectives and improves student’s confidence as well as their critical thinking skills.

4. Junior High Campus – Grades 5-8 $1148.70
Recipient: Rusti Blount in a team with Bethany Gonzalez and Stormy Burns
This grant will allow for the purchase of an Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) and Numeracy Skills Builder for older students in the Life Skills class.  The ELSB provides literacy instruction using a balanced reading program that addresses all components necessary for effective reading instruction.  ELSB is a research based and language-rich literacy curriculum for children with moderate to severe developmental disabilities.  ELSB is a multi-year program with seven distinct levels and ongoing assessments so students can progress at their own pace.

5. Middle School Campus – 5th Grade $5000
Recipient: Misty Cantrell as a team with Stephanie Barham, Erin McInroy, Kristin Scott and Martha Webb
This grant will allow for the purchase of 20 iPad minis and protective cases.  By learning from and incorporating technology in to everyday lessons, the digital resources the iPad minis provide will enhance and enrich the student’s comprehension of the curriculum as well as provide opportunities for independent and small group exploration.   The goal is to bring today’s tech driven students a STEM centered classroom environment through the mastery of concepts and applied science.

6. Middle School Campus – 6th Grade $1550.79
Recipient: Brandon Little as a team with Shalayne Raish
This grant will provide the funds for reusable rockets and replacement engines .  This will provide an opportunity to learn about space with a hands-on, inquiry based activity that will involve building and launching a rocket.  Students will get to actively see how a rocket is built and the technology that makes it work.  They will understand how the rocket’s engine gives it the needed thrust and force to overcome gravity to launch.  Rocketry will give the students a unique way to become active participants in the discovery process of science.

7. Middle School Campus – 6th Grade $2673.23
Recipient: Kayla Stephenson as a team with Sherri Brown, Danlee Rich, Kim Glenn, Johanna Morrow, Lillian Jones and Jenni Riley
This grant will purchase new class novels, replacement of old class novels and storage containers.  These new books will excite and motivate the students with contemporary stories with which they make better connections.  The old class novels are falling apart from years of use and they are out of touch with the modern lifestyle and experiences of the current students.  The goal is to improve reading skills, vocabulary and word use as well as overall academic skills and support.

8. Elementary School Campus – 1st & 2nd Grade $650
Recipient: Tracey Garcia
This grant will purchase wobble stools, balance balls and small kettle bell weights in the Content Master classroom to assist children who need movement to focus and be successful in school.  Wobble stools allow students to move in a way that encourages blood flow and oxygen to the brain to increase focus without being a distraction to others.  Balance balls and small weights are calming activities that encourage large muscle movement to calm chaotic thoughts and restless behavior.  This calm then allows children to focus and results in a decrease of antisocial and unacceptable behaviors.

9. Intermediate School Campus –  Grades 3 – 12 $2586.93
Recipient: Kim Cheek in a team with Diana McMillan and Holli Cooper
This grant will purchase a 3D printer and basic tools of design and building.  It is based on the MakerSpace Movement being used in schools and institutions across the country.  Students will be invited to participate in a FABLAB workshop where they will learn how to select the appropriate tool or technology and learn to use it safely.  They will learn to use simple tools through more complicated 3D printing.  After learning basic skills, they will enter the “tinkering” or “engineering” phase and create designs to solve different STEAM based challenges.   This will be used in the GT classroom as well as by Destination Imagination participants.

10. Junior High Campus – 7th & 8th Grade $3104.40
Recipient: Shana Hrbacek as a team with Arthur Ramos and Amy Grimland
This grant will purchase the Junior High Science department double sided periodic table dry eraseboards for 8th graders, cell diagram and human anatomy dry erase boards for 7th graders and 21 graphing calculator for special education students who are allowed to use a calculator.    These purchases will enhance the student’s learning in a non-traditional way.  Students will be engaged in outlining, labeling, drawing, coloring and problem solving through the periodic table in a way that they have not done before.  They will also have space to work on chemical formulas, balance equations, and practice formulas.  The boards and calculators will keep them engaged and practicing important information needed to succeed.

11. Junior High Campus – 8th Grade $487.96
Recipient: Debra Smith
This grant will purchase the needed materials for students to create personal interactive notebooks.  These will be a valuable resource to aid students in review and studying for tests.  By using the notebooks, their notes and study materials will allow for creativity and an active way to keep hyper-active and distracted students on task and engaged in the note taking process.  With these interactive visual note taking notebooks, students will be engaging both the artsy and logical sides of the brain.  This process, known as dual coding, helps in a student’s retention of material.

12. ECC  – Transitional Kindergartners $990
Recipients: Mandi McVay
This grant will purchase 15 iPod shuffles and 15 headphones for transitional kindergartners who have not yet mastered beginning reading skills.  These will be used to have children independently listen to books, turning pages when prompted, and completing a post reading activity to show comprehension.  After completing the activity, they will retell their stories in small groups to increase their knowledge of vocabulary, story sequencing, using complete sentences and building confidence in being able to speak in front of a group.  These will help to foster a love of reading at a young age so that they might take that love of reading with them as they grow older.

13. High School Campus – Grades 9-12 $995
Recipient: Andrew Hope
This grant will be used to purchase 5 laptop computers for use in the engineering and robotics classes at WHS.  Students will use the laptops to collaborate and develop designs for projects that promote critical thinking and utilize STEM curriculum.  By using the laptops on a daily basis, students will gain and experience that will help them succeed in various projects and robotics competitions throughout the year.  The laptops will help diversify the instruction in the classroom leading to enhanced student engagement.

14. ECC  – Kindergartners $949.78
Recipients: April Brannan
This grant will be used to purchase a variety of different seating options to transform the classroom into a flexible seating classroom.  The goal is for all students to work in the position they find themselves most comfortable and focused.  There will be sit balls, standing desks, bouncy bands, seat cushions, traditional desks, wobble seats, scoop rockers, saucer chairs and bungee chairs.  Teacher space is minimized so student space can by optimized.  Flexible seating is the ultimate level of differentiation for student success.

15. Junior High Campus – 7th & 8th Grade $450
Recipients: Carla Hooper
This grant will purchase textbook holders to be used by all students in computer class.  Textbook holders are plastic book holders and typing tools.  The holders will target students with dyslexia and dysgraphia.  The holders will help students be able to see the textbook information better, improve keyboarding techniques and have good posture.  The textbook holders will be used to reduce eye and neck strain and help students build confidence while learning and using keyboard techniques.

16. Junior High Campus – 7th Grade $855.33
Recipients: Alison South
This grant will purchase 20 Sensory Seats and Clipboards to be used for movement and flexibility.  With these, the students will be able to move anywhere in the room to do their work.  Sensory seats will allow the students to wiggle and move while they are engaged in learning.  Students who struggle with hyperactivity and attention problems have a difficult time sitting still and focusing.  Movement will help these students focus.  These seats could help close reading gaps in students who struggle because of ADD/ADHD symptoms.

17. Intermediate School Campus  – 3rd Grade $1076.40
Recipients: Holli Coor as a team with Wendy Redden and Amy Wallenborn
This grant will purchase 3 total class sets of Bouncy Bands.  These bands will be placed on every child’s desk.  They will enable a child to bounce their feet while remaining seated without disturbing others.  Because children have a natural need to move, this will enable them to do so while staying focused and learning.  They’ll be able to expend their energy effectively while staying productive.  Benefits have been seen in children with ADHD and without it as they become more focused, on task and more relaxed.

18. Elementary Campus  – 2nd Grade $943.89
Recipients: Megan Oliver
This grant will provide the materials and tools needed to help build grip strength, hand-eye coordination, tying shoe laces, cutting with scissors and much more all while working on mastering phonics, spelling, math, science and the rest of the curriculum.  Some of these tools include Jumbo Tweezers, Legos, Yarn and Tennis Balls.  It will help students be successful in academics and in skills needed in society.  The desire is to take the curriculum and bring it to life with hands-on activities that will reinforce academic skills while also building on fine motor skills, social skills and problem-solving skills.

19. Middle School Campus  – 6th Grade $2648.40
Recipients: Adrienne Ruffin as a team with Shay Cox and Rey Alverez
This grant will purchase more Physical Education equipment to help improve the health and wellness of each student, teach life skills and activities as well as leadership skills, social skills and also teamwork.  Some of the items include scooters to help with balance, tennis rackets for eye-hand coordination and lateral movement as well as basketballs for catching, passing and dribbling.  Bigger volleyballs, jersey’s for making teams, dodge balls, jump ropes, frisbees and mats will also be purchased.

20. Intermediate School Campus  – 3rd Grade $539
Recipients: Jennifer Lemke
This grant will be used to purchase class materials called Digi-Blocks including the third grade starter kit.  The blocks will be used to help students of all learning levels discover and learn both in a formal setting and in independent or small group settings.  The blocks allow for differentiation among all academic levels.  The Digi-Blocks break down into specific place values in a very hands-on yet visual way.  It will absolutely make a concrete connection of number sense for all students.

21. Junior High Campus  – 7th & 8th Grade $890
Recipients: Luke Hurst
This grant will pay for the Registration, Hotel and Meal expenses incurred by attending the International Society for Technology in Education conference.  Mr. Hurst works as an Instructional Technology Specialist.  He works with teachers to help them integrate technology into their curriculum.  He also designed and implemented a Robotics Innovation Class at the Junior High.  Attending the “ISTE” will allow him to learn more ways to continue these improvements.  He will spend three days collaborating with other IT Specialists.  He will be listening to speakers that will inspire him to make more technology integration possible.  He will share the information received with all grade levels in the district.

22. Elementary School Campus  – 2nd Grade $276.21
Recipients: Phyllis Ricker
Mrs. Ricker has a classroom theme of “A Colony of Worker Bees” and by purchasing Bouncy Bands for her classroom, the students will have an outlet of energy they need during their brain storming for ambitious thinking during classroom tasks.  The Bands will be used to keep their minds and bodies more fit during necessary chair and desk time.  Their hearts, minds and bodies will feel better with more blood circulation.  Their class will be un”bee-lievable” as their minds will be buzzing with the bouncy bands.  The Queen Bee has spoken.  The Foundation’s support will be as sweet as “Honey”!

23. Elementary School Campus  – 2nd Grade $379.20
Recipients: Karen Wyatt
This grant will enable the purchase of music stands which will provide an alternate and engaging atmosphere for struggling readers to continue their progress in reading acquisition.  By providing a quickly adjustable and easy to maneuver stand, the students are able to move and read which gives the student an outlet for their energy and provides engagement in reading.  Not only can these stands be used for daily reading instruction but also in the production of plays which the students are always excited to read and perform.

24. Intermediate School Campus  – 4th Grade $735
Recipients: Juleigh Stickney
This grant will purchase 4 sets of standing desks and stools.  Mrs. Stickney will also be bringing in additional flexible seating options to her classroom such as stools, cushions, rugs, a couch, medicine balls and a variety of chairs.  Research shows that alternative seating can reduce disruptive behavior and increase production in children.  When children have the ability to move around in different seats, sensory needs are met that allow them to fully focus on the information being presented to them.  Thus, increasing what knowledge they retain and improving grades.

25. Middle School Campus  – 6th Grade $588.70
Recipients: Tiffany Keasler
This grant will purchase 30 air stability wobble cushions for students and 2 ball chairs for the teacher and aide.  Air inflated wobble cushions allow students to fidget, readjust and sit more comfortable.  This increases movement which stimulates one’s ability to focus and retain more knowledge.  The ball chairs have rollers and will allow the teacher to be eye level with the student as they work allowing the ability to assist and educate without bending over the top of their desks.

26. Intermediate School Campus  – 3rd & 4th Grade $1000
Recipients: Consuelo Anna Griffin
The money from this grant will be used to purchase a kitchen set.  This kitchen set will be used by students to gain vocational skills for daily use.  Students will be able to wash and dry dishes, put dishes away in the proper place.  Students will also learn what items are placed in the refrigerator and what items are placed in the pantry.  The skills them students will learn will stay with them through adulthood.

27. Elementary School Campus  – 1st Grade $300
Recipients: Kimberly Vaughn
This grant will purchase an OSMO kit which allows students to interact with an iPad and engage in a variety of activities across the curriculum.  This will enable the students to more easily learn the skill whether it be coding or even spelling.  The system could be a game changer for many of my struggling students.  The kit includes coding pieces, math and spelling to help students in all areas where they may need it.  This truly helps make learning fun again.

28. High School Campus – Grades 9-12 $959.02
Recipient: Alexis Hughes
This grant will purchase a heavy duty steel printing press to introduce art students to the process of print making.  Students can use a variety of media from lithograph, metal plates, plexi glass and linoleum.  This will be good for students who aren’t necessarily good at drawing but want to explore their creativity by creating things.  It could be these student’s “niche” that could build their confidence.  The press will be used across the department.

29. Intermediate, Junior, Middle and High School Campuses – Grades 3-12 $2000
Recipient: Kim Cheek

Four teams from Wylie ISD have earned the right to compete against the WORLD at the Destination Imagination Global Finals competition held in Knoxville, TN, the last week of May.  These 4 teams earned this right by placing in the Texas state competition.  Texas is known to be the hardest state to advance in the US.  These students will be competing against all other US state champions as well as champions from around the world – including China, Romania, Qatar, the UK, Mexico and many others.  It is a once in a lifetime event for these students and their parents.  It allows these students to learn about diversity, learn about other cultures and states, and it allows them to compete against the best in the World at creative problem solving.   The WBEF board approved $2,000 to assist with travel expenses of these students.  This is the ONLY school event that is ever held outside of the state.  It is a HUGE honor to represent Wylie ISD and the state of Texas.  This expense required Board approval because this request could not have been completed during the regular grant application process.

3 @ High School, 7 @ Junior High, 5 @ Middle School, 5 @ Intermediate, 6 @ Elementary, 2 @ ECC, 1 @ Multi-Campus

6 Science, 2- Math, 1-Art, 1-Health, 4-Reading, 3-Life Skills, 7-Focus, 2-Technology, 1-P.E, 1-Computer, 1-DI

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