Ty “O’Neal” McClary

100914KBWBEF (1)Ty O’Neal McClary, who starred in the movies D2: Mighty Ducks and D3: Mighty Ducks, was our guest speaker at the fifth annual “We Are Wylie” Dinner on October 9, 2014.  McClary, whose stage name is Ty O’Neal, was a 14-year-old freshman Wylie student when he filmed the first of his two Mighty Ducks movies. He played a Cowboy hockey player from Texas in the movie and reprised the role in the follow-up movie.  He graduated from Wylie in 1996 and appeared in The Postman with Kevin Costner in 1997. He also had a role in American Outlaws in 2001 with Colin Farrell and has had several other movie roles. He also appeared in two television shows, and he played a bull rider in a Holiday Inn Express commercial.

Ty was involved in agriculture classes, band and theater while a student100914KBWBEF (93) at Wylie, but his school involvements took a back seat to his involvement in rodeo.  He competed extensively in rodeo as a student and continued his involvement in rodeo even when making movies. Today, McClary is an auctioneer in Sanger. He and his wife, Christie, still raise horses and are still involved with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. They have a little girl Marley Mae McClary, who just turned 4 years old.

Ty also is co-host of Cinchtown,  National High School Rodeo Association, a 30-minute show about the National High School Rodeo Association tour that is telecast weekly on RFD-TV. He used some of that same communication skill and humor to connect with the dinner’s audience.

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Ty autographed items from movie cases and authentic “The Ducks” ice hockey jerseys, to small yellow decorative plastic ducks.  He kept the crowd laughing with his stories and genuine down-home charm.

 He voluntarily served as our auctioneer for the evening, successfully generating generous bids on the five popular auction items which were donated by generous foundation supporters.  He was eager to give back to Wylie through his return visit here, with his amusing stories, auctioning work and genuine gratitude for what he learned at Wylie.   The audience showed their appreciation when Ty received a standing ovation from a grateful audience.   

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