(2014) Attend a Marching Band Drill Writing Workshop- Luke McMillon


Dear Wylie Education Foundation,

Thank you so much for the grant I needed to travel across the country last summer in order to attend a Marching Band drill writing workshop through the Spirit of America Band in Massachusetts. The workshop taught me many invaluable skills that would’ve taken substantially longer for me to try to learn on my own, without the help and guidance of a professional teacher and being in a setting surrounded by my peers who were also learning the ins and outs of drill design.

The knowledge I gained from this grant will continue to be sustained for many years to come as I continue to grow in my skills of drill designing and help our Pure Gold band achieve their goals of making it to the State level marching competition again and again, and improving each time.

It is easy to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of my project because our band did better at the State level this year than they have in years past under a different drill designer who was not as familiar with the inner workings and strengths and weaknesses of our band, the way that I am, having worked with them for the past 11 years as well as marching in the band myself when I was in High School.

Of course I would be remiss to not include the entirety of the band staff, Mike Lunney, Jeannie Lunney, and Jason Ott as also benefitting from this project and it is with their dedication and knowledge combined with the new skills learned at the workshop that our band has seen continued and ever increasing success!

Thank you again for helping so many hard working teachers dream big and see real dreams come true as they aspire to give our Wylie Bulldogs the very best!

Luke McMillon

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