(2011) iPads for Wylie ISD 1st Grade Teachers

First Graders showing iPads

First Graders showing iPads

The iPads the first grade teachers were awarded by the Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation last spring have benefited our students and teachers in so many ways. Students think the iPads are so cool! Students have so much fun with them and they keep the students engaged in actual learning time longer. The iPads provide more independent learning. Each student can work on specific targeted skills by themselves while teachers can work with other students. The students love to be rewarded with time on the iPads. Also, our TPRI testing has gone so much easier and faster. Our whole campus has benefited because there are fewer teachers that have to share the few iPads our campus already has. We have saved money by using fewer substitutes during testing.

We have had some issues loading APPS because of the limited wi-fi service that the district has been unable to fund because the cost was much greater than initially anticipated. Several teachers have been able to load APPS at home. There are many inexpensive APPS that Mrs. Lambert has purchased that are helping our students.

The Wylie ISD is offering a few classes this summer for teachers that will help us better use our iPads. With this training, we hope to integrate the iPads into our curriculum more effectively next year.

The first grade teachers want to say thank you so much for all the time, money, and effort that was put into the process of being awarded with these special gifts.


Wylie ISD First Grade Teachers

Heather Ake

Amy Brazell

Karen Cothran

Sheila Hilburn

Tara Horn

Lenda Jensen

Sandy Low

Kimberly McGuire

Angela Parson

Lori Stafford

Keri Terbush

Tresa Tutt

Diana Witherspoon



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