New Teacher Luncheon

Each year in August, the WBEF teams up with Abilene Regional Medical Center to host a luncheon welcoming Wylie’s new teachers for the upcoming school year. Each new teacher is treated to lunch compliments of ARMC and presented a $100 gift card from WBEF to help them get their classrooms set up and purchase needed class supplies. Thank you to ARMC for hosting this very special event, and thank you to our donors for making these welcome gifts possible!

Mike Murphy, President of Abilene Regional Medical Center

Mike Murphy, President of Abilene Regional Medical Center, awarding a check of $500 to WBEF President Becky Rentz and Joey Light, WISD Superintendent.

See pictures of the new teachers from each year at the links below:

New Teachers Luncheon 2020

New Teachers Luncheon 2019

New Teachers Luncheon 2018

New Teachers Luncheon 2017

New Teachers Luncheon 2016

New Teachers Luncheon 2015

New Teachers Luncheon 2014

New Teachers Luncheon 2013






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