New Scholarships Honor Sandifers!

The Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation is proud to announce two scholarships honoring Wylie legends Hugh and Brenda Sandifer.

Sandifer coached at Wylie for 41 years, and his wife, Brenda, was a long-time Wylie counselor. They both retired in 2020.

The scholarships will be for $5,000 each and will go to one boy athlete and one girl athlete at Wylie.

The scholarship recipients will be selected by the WBEF’s Student Scholarship Selection Committee, which considers grades, leadership, financial need and much more in its rigorous scholarship application process. In addition to the Sandifer Scholarships, the Foundation annually gives $1,000 scholarships to 15-20 graduating Wylie seniors.

Any graduating Wylie senior who would like to apply for one of the scholarships can download an application by clicking the link below.

The application deadline is March 19, 2021. The Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation is a nonprofit with a mission of promoting excellence in the Wylie schools through senior scholarships, teacher grants and new teacher support.

Student Scholarship Application!

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