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2017 In The News Scholarship Article

Wylie Growl Thank You Donors Article – Jan 2017


Wylie New Teacher Welcome Luncheon – hosted by Abilene Regional Medical Center



Left to Right,  Mr. Mike Murphy, CEO Abilene Regional Medical  Center,  Mrs. Becky Rentz, Wylie Foundation President, Mr. Joey Light,  Superintendent of WISD Schools.


Ty O’Neal To Speak At Wylie

Foundation Lands Actor to Speak At Dinner


Our foundation would like to recognize the “Wylie Weekly” editor, Candy Reagan, for all of the news and photos she has shared with us to help document our many events.  Thank you for all that you do! The Wylie Bulldog Education Foundation wants you to know that your work is greatly appreciated.

Surprise Surprise – Teacher Grants 2014

Foundation Grants Cont…


New Teachers Luncheon 2013

Nov 11 Thank You Donors Article






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