2020 New Teacher Luncheon

The Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation honored 43 new teachers at its annual New Teacher Luncheon in August 2020. Although COVID-19 issues required some changes, the Foundation continued its tradition of helping the teachers get their classrooms set up with a $100 gift card to Mardel. A big THANK YOU goes to Abilene Regional Medical Center for providing a wonderful meal and going the extra mile to make sure we could social distance!

High School

New teachers at the High School are (from left to right starting at the top) Darren Wilson, Braxton Oliver, Jordan Morales, Brenda Morales, Cheryl Kruse, Melissa Kelley, Lex Hood, Amanda Harris, Aimee Allen and Emily Albert.

East Junior High

New Teachers at Wylie East Junior High are Bridgett Taylor, Faith Nunn, Bethany Lohrengel, Tina Jones and Charlie Boling.

West Junior High

New Teachers at Wylie West Junior High are Darius Brooks, Tanya Miles, Alaina Meyer, Hannah Hayes, Carrisa Ethredge, Ryan Cox and Cassidy Champion.

East Elementary

New Teachers at Wylie East Elementary are Kiersty Wyatt, Elanore Walsh, Nellie Parrish, Bria Jordan, Mackenzie Coffey and Shelby Coffee.

West Intermediate

New Teachers at Wylie West Intermediate are Ashley Marshall and Kyndall Massey.

West Elementary

The only new teacher at Wylie West Elementary is Darius Brooks.

Early Childhood Center

New Teachers at Wylie Early Childhood Center are Lacey Kennedy, Suzanne Wright, Madelyn Tebow, Leah Pruitt, Jennifer Parsons and Amanda Martinez.

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