2017 New Teacher Luncheon

Spirit of the Bulldog Winner

Congratulations to Luke Hurst, who won the 2017 Spirit of the Bulldogs Award given by the WBEF each year to a teacher who uses creativity in the classroom!


Principal Robin McPherson poses with new teachers Stephanie Willis, Lisa Reed, Julie Brown, Liz Rapstine, and Megan LeFevre. LeFevre also is counselor at the Early Childhood Center.


Principal Terry Hagler poses with new teachers Dave Ahlschwed, Cami Zimmerman, Candice Stuart, Jami Schubert, Toni Diller, Deanna Roseboom, Connie Griffin, Julie Brown.

Middle School

Principal Phil Boone (far left) poses with the new teachers (from left) Alex Rogers, Anne Post and Nathan Rose.

Junior High

Junior High Principal Rob Goodenough (back row from left) poses with new teachers Sherri Shaw, Johnathan Fisher, Jacob Balleza, Shannon Allen, Shelby Easterling and Chris Brannan, and (front) Ashlyn Ray, Allie Harris, Kim DeRoo, Amber Ivy, Mara Evans, Daysha Cheyne and Erin Kluzek.

High School

Principal Tommy Vaughn (far left) poses with new teachers (from left) Tony Elliott, Mark Butz, Daisy Blair, Michelle Leonard, Grant Martin, Richard Cumby, Krystal Martin, Scottie Sanchez, Michelle Lessing, Ashlyn Ray, David McKnight, Stephanie Mouat, Ashley Stegemoeller and Cody Smith.

Thank you Abilene Regional Medical Center

Thank you ARMC for the $500 donation to WBEF!

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